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Purim HeroThe Purim Superhero

Written by Elizabeth Kushner and illustrated by Mike Byrne

Published by Kar-Ben Publishing, 2013

Mosaic is proud to have disseminated over 50 free copies of The Purim Superhero together with an age-appropriate curriculum to all Jewish Hebrew and Nursery Schools in Westchester. The Purim Superhero is a wonderful, light-hearted book for children about Nate, a boy who is trying to figure out how to stay true to himself as he decides what Purim costume to wear. Nate just happens to have two dads.

Story Overview

Nate loves everything about aliens. He loves to draw them,  read about them, and pretend to be them. So when it comes time to choose a costume for Purim, Nate naturally knows what he is going to be–that is, until his friends at Hebrew school tell him that all the boys will be dressing up as superheroes.

Worried about being different from his classmates, Nate seeks advice from his two dads, who suggest that being different can sometimes be a good thing. The reader might expect Nate’s dads to use their own family as an example. Instead, they point Nate to the lesson of Purim, which celebrates Queen Esther, a girl whose courage to be true to herself ends up saving her people.

Young readers may be surprised what Nate learns from this lesson and what costume he finally chooses.

For ages 4-9, Grades: Pre K-3, 32 pages

You can learn more about this wonderful book at Keshet Online.

PJ Library and The Purim Superhero

PJ Library

PJ Library (the organization that mails free high-quality Jewish children’s literature and music to families every month)  agreed to makeThe Purim Superhero available this Purim as a free second book for their subscribers who request it.