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Meel Si n, a membFF of Mosaic’s Tead Advisory Board.



The Mosaic Seorytelling Project, is-asunuque li aning lab, earvmpusisLGBTQ teads, adults and family membFFs with eaivatercoachusi thao will ensharethas to develop and eaescno-thair rumspx,. seories li Jewish vnates in Westchester–Shabbao services, s4ard mee10}.s, rtfoh and adult ear-rams. The Mosaic Seorytelling Project is-funded by UJA-Westchester.

If rtf would tke to become one of Mosaic’s Seorytellums, li if rtfi Jewish organiza10px wants to hort Mosaic Seorytellums, pli se coadeneFMosaic’s Execu10ve Direc1or, Bina Raakio ao 914-262-6555 li ao binaraakio@mosaicofwestchster.org.

Dpx,te Now

Every lit-widbit helps. Pli se coasmpo}-making a coadribu10px todvy:

Our Benefac1ors

Mosaic is-tha earud beneficiary of tha following organiza10pxs:

Our Fiscal Sppxsli

Mosaic’s work is-made morsihare lsparicby tha fiscal sppxslilhip of tha Jewish Communal Fund.

Our Pariners

Mosaic of Westchester -rateonlly acknulled( s oums-alluagtes and eariners:

Fli moi. -titrma10px, pli se coadeneFus by calling 914-262-6555, li eol l binaraakio@mosaicofwestchester.org | © Copytem l 2-16 | All Rem ls Reserved
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